ID207 Smart watch

Know your body everytime and everywhere

Small watch with Big functions

1.69“ Colorful HD display
Blood oxygen monitoring
24/7 heart rate health
Outdoor run
Indoor run
Outdoor walk
Indoor walk
Outdoor cycle
Indoor cycle
Pool swim
Open water swim

Information reminder

It can tell you the key information you want to knowEven when it’s busy,

the watch reminds you in time,It can also keep you from missing

important itineraries

Weather forecast

Time weather, future weather, as long as you want,

raising his hand at a glance

Women's health

Calculate the menstrual period and ovulation period according to the records,

so you can deal with it calmly. Menstrual management or pregnancy preparation ,

help you better understand the level of physical health.

Breath training

Take a deep breath, monitor your physical and mental state in real time

Variety of exquisite dials in the cloud

show your personality


Want an unique dial only for yourself? No problem.

Set your photo as a watch face.

Variety of exquisite dials in the cloud

show your personality

Blood oxygen monitoring

Pay attention to your physical condition during exercise

Know your stress level

Relieve stress, adjust the state in time, and keep abreast of

your stress state

Breathing training helps you effectively release stress

and restore state

Sleep monitoring

Improve the quality of sleep and get

a good night's sleep

Magnetic charging

Normal working time is 8 days, charging

time is less than 2 hours


More colors, more choices

Health management platform