Sound and color
big screen on wrist

All-purpose watch

Early spring fashion watch
Cool and versatile

Four classic versatile colors with
innovative watchbands.

Larger screen

1.8 "Ultra clear screen, which accounts for up to 70% of the screen.
Information such as message notifications and motion data can be viewed in one screen;
Can easily read message in strong light

More space
Flexible application layout

Interface adjustment and application
layout are more flexible

Elastic silicone strap

Disassembly does not damage the machine

Lighter watch
The whole weight
is only 40.2g

The wrist is light and comfortable
to wear.

Bluetooth voice call
“Hands up"

When a mobile phone calls,
you can answer it on the directly.

100+sport mode
Two mainstream motion recognition

Support 100 sports modes such as outdoor running, cycling, mountaineering,
swimming pool swimming, and 2 mainstream sports recognition Smart running allows you
to quickly enter the state of movement

100+cloud dial

APP has more than 100 personalized dials, sports, digital, simple, mechanical All kinds
of styles are available;You can also customize the dial.
Your preference is up to you!

Alexa voice

Voice remote control, everything works

Extra long endurance
Magnetic fast charging

Classic use

Charging time

Your health management

Keep an eye on your health

Your personal life assistant

Mildly health reminder, diversified and convenient functions, experience smart life on the wrist


Your health butler